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Fighting Fair

| May 5, 2024

Whether single or married, you can only truly understand yourself as you develop your relationship with God and others. Conflict with close friends...

Sex and Intimacy

| Apr 28, 2024

God made sex for procreation and pleasure. It was His idea, and He called it good. God desires for His people to have healthy sex lives built insid...

Friends and Companions

| Apr 21, 2024

Friendship is the lost art of Christian marriage. There isn’t a greater love than someone laying down their life for a friend. In John 15, Christ g...

Husbands and Wives

| Apr 14, 2024

Marriage is an imperfect picture of Christ and His Church. Wives are to respect and encourage their husbands and husbands are to love and build up ...

In the Beginning

| Apr 7, 2024

From the beginning, God’s design for human union came through the partnership and picture of marriage. Through the subordination of their own desir...