Aaron Ellis

Aaron Ellis

Global Missions Mobilizer

Life Story

I was born and raised in Little Elm, Texas, from 1993 to 2011. I had been taught that it was good and right to believe in God, but I never saw the freedom, peace, or goodness that was supposed to come with it. As I grew, I searched for meaning in other places: my friend group, my job, my major, my personality, and my achievements. All of my effort returned void. The emptiness it left me with was uncomfortable, and I began filling my time with anything that would distract me from the reality that I was lost.

In His kindness, God decided to shake things up with an invitation to a hiking trip from some people I had just met. Fortunately I said yes, because this group ended up redefining what the Christian life was supposed to be and more. They prayed for each other, encouraged one another, constantly talked about Jesus, and made me feel like I was interesting. Returning to my normal rhythms after that day was very difficult because they had renewed my hope for finding significance, purpose, and God. The following months, God revealed himself many times and went to great lengths to save me and change my life forever.

In 2016, I learned about God's heart for all nations (from a very pretty mobilizer) and began to pursue ministry opportunities (and her). In the summer of 2018, I said yes to vocational mobilization and she said yes to marrying me. We are passionate about helping every believer find their unique role in God's heart for the world.

Hope for The Village Church

My hope is that we will prepare and send our best to the spiritually neediest places in the world. I pray that God uses us to be a blessing to nations who have never had access to the gospel.